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hand vehicle 2nd buying

Buying a 2nd hand vehicle
I am thinking of buying a 2nd vehicle privately, does anyone have any experience of the process. I am under the impression that you need to pay to have the vehicle registered in your name, how easy is it to do and is it a fixed price irrespective of the price of the vehicle.

I have bought a car recently but was through a dealer who handled everything.

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Do make sure there isn't anything owing on the vehicle - past taxes etc. I know of someone who ended up with a huge bill for unpaid debt on a car they bought.
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Yes, I also heard of someone who ended up with a bill for unpaid taxes and fines. 

Personally,  I would play safe and use a dealer. 

Highly recommend 

Wieberen Poelstra
+34 630 83 71 43 (on WhatsApp)

You will pay a little more than a private purchase but you get it fully serviced, ITV at next due date and a service in 12 months, so worthwhile. 

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I've bought several vehicles second hand, privately. After doing everything myself the first time I now use a gestoria to do it all for me. 5 mins in their office, seller and buyer, with all paperwork you can think of, set fee, all done. 👍
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Just purchased a small 1 year old car from a main dealer in Gran Canaria, who delivered the car to Puerto del Rosario and returned by ferry. At least 2500 Euros cheaper than the same age/mileage/model here, still under manufacturers warranty, with a dealer in Rosario on hand to assist with any possible future warranty issues.  All paperwork done by selling garage. Second time I've done this and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.
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Thanks all for your help.
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