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respray repair minor car panel

Car panel respray, minor repair
A couple of panels on my car are going to need re spraying soon due to sun damage (I know, I was warned about black cars here!), and I’d like to get a a small car-park scrape repaired at the same time. Can anyone recommend somewhere on the island that does a good job without breaking the bank? I’m in Caleta, so would prefer somewhere around here if anyone has any experience of it? Archiauto did an excellent job when I was struck by another car, but that was an insurance job and I suspect they would be rather pricey! Many thanks.
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Lorcar on the industrial estate at El Matorral. They've done bodywork for me and polished headlights. Very nice, friendly people. The boss speaks fairly good English. The receptionist communicates with me via WhatsApp.

lorcar, el matorral, fuerteventura
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I second that recommendation. They did an excellent job for me and for a friend. Invisible repairs to bodywork, fair prices, excellent service.  

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Many thanks ‘Tamara’ and ‘Tom’, I know where Lorcar is, and it’s pretty handy for where I am - I shall pop up there for a quote next week!
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Well, I finally got around to following up on the recommendations (above, thank you!) and took my MX5 into Lorcar to have three upper panels resprayed, and front corner damage repaired. They have done an absolutely fabulous job, for less than half what I would have paid in the UK - thanks again for the advice, I am absolutely delighted!
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