Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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craft tetir market

Craft market in Tetir
The market is being held on 18th April.

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Wow! How busy was this today! Great to see, hope the stall holders did loads of business - I certainly opened my purse a few times! Bought fruit and veg, not cheap but local grown. Bought 2 fruit trees. Friends bought a selection of stuff: bread, cakes, fruit, veg and cactus and we all visited the café as well.
COVID precautions in place: queue to get in which just kept getting longer and longer. Everyone had to give Name, NIE or Passport number, and phone number, so they had contact details if there was an infection outbreak. Temps taken, gel for hands. A few regular stalls missing but some new ones there as well. No tasters.
A selection of pics from the market and walking to and fro the car:

[Image: B96nGJ1.jpg] [Image: jZOCGSq.jpg] [Image: R9vFkOS.jpg]

[Image: WFPWvWz.jpg] [Image: TvwCShO.jpg] [Image: ZzNH58I.jpg]

[Image: 1SIHKa2.jpg] [Image: 4syJeoF.jpg] [Image: I8MZf9P.jpg]

[Image: lhHyjlZ.jpg] [Image: 2cT76C7.jpg] [Image: 7dvrmXc.jpg]

[Image: Xv95SPl.jpg]
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Totally agree with Tamara, we were there from around 11:00 until 12:15 ish busiest we have ever seen it
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The market is being held on 9th May.

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