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tax with help car

HELP with car tax
How much is car road tax this year?  I've had an amount of E32.72 debited from my bank account, but a few months ago I sold my car and applied on the bank website not to make payment for car tax.  BUT THEY HAVE .. Cannot find on bank web site any confirmation that this amount is for car tax but it has been paid to the town hall.

Another payment made to town hall today for E28.80 which must be for Basura.  How do I get refunded by Town Hall for the car tax?
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As far as I'm aware Emmi the owner of the car as at 1st January is responsible for that year's car tax.
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A friend taxed his car yesterday and mentioned that the price had dropped to just over 32 euros so yes, that does so yes, that does sound like car tax. Must get mine done now they are doing them again!
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Thanks Tamara.  So, is the car tax I paid today, for this current year Jan - Dec 2021, i.e. a bit in arrears.  I was under the impression it was in advance for the coming year 2022?
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Hi Emm, I trust you are well, confusing is not half of it, I went in to pay about 3 years ago, and he  asked for around €80+ when I looked surprised he told me i had not paid for the previous year, when I thought aboit it what had happened was, i bought the car in October Taxed Rolleyes Rolleyes  so I thought that was ok until the following October wrong obviously Confused
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Tamara is right.  As I was still owner of the car in January 2021, it is down to me to pay it now.  Next year it will ( or should be ) for the new owner. Just had that confirmed by a Spanish friend I managed to contact!  Phew!
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