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time moved apply fuerteventura residence

Moved to Fuerteventura. Time to apply for residence
Hello everyone, I've been reading the forum for quite some time now as I found many useful tips and advices about the life on the island. Me and my girlfriend were planning on moving to Fuerteventura for a couple of years and last October we finally did it (in the middle of the pandemic on top of that)! We got a car, a place to stay, NIE numbers etc. It is time to apply for residency (the green NIE)and naturally a few questions arise:
- Where should we apply for the permanent residency certificate? In the Police in Puerto del rosario (we live here)?
- What kinds of documents are necessary for acquiring the residency certificate? We both have our NIE numbers,  and Empadronamiento certificate, Spanish phone numbers. I just registered as autonomo and am about to start paying taxes to the Spanish treasury. 
- My girlfriend on the other hand haven't found a job and respectively is not paying taxes in Spain yet. Can she apply for permanent residency and how? Her mother is living here for 3 years now and is a resident. 

Additionally we want to get access to the Spanish health system, what should we do for that? Is the private health insurance plan worth it and could you recommend some insurance company for that? Is it a viable replacement for the public health care system?

Thanks in advance for the answers. I am looking forward to talking with you!
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I think you should take some advice from a professional who deals with residency.  If you are not of retirement age ( I am assuming you are young) you will need private health insurance.  However, it is possible, but I don't know, that by being autonomous you may be able to get on the Spanish health system.  I have no idea on this it is just a suggestion.  You will also need proof of income or savings of a certain amount, I believe.  
Suggest you contact Miguel of the BoxxPro for advice.  He will give you one hour of advice for Euros 25 approx.  And then he can also assist with getting residency for a fee.
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I have just sent you a PM
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Thanks for the advice. Smile
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