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spice rosario shop

Spice shop Rosario
Good morning

Does anyone know if the spice shop in Rosario is still open and if so can you point me in the direction please. I've been before but for the life of me I cannot remeber where its is.

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Afternoon Willie, it is now closed we believe and has been for a year or more, if you want to check it is behind Los Rotundas, sketchy directions but here we go :- Go past Los Rotundas with it on your right then turn left, but do not take the first right turn follow the airport sign and take I think the next right, then it is circa 100 metres on your left, it has/had  a brown door, and if i rremember correctly is between a optician and a veterinarian, my wife now uses the one in Caleta as a not very good alternative but is better than nothing, any way are you looking for anything specific? as she has quite a store cupboard,
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Thanks John, I thought it may be closed as I couldn't find it. Thanks for your kind offer, I have enough of the spice to keep me going, just contacted friends who are residents and are coming back in 2 weeks via Lanzarote and they will bring what I need.

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