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were caleta trafico

What were Trafico up to in Caleta
Anyone any ides what Trafico was up to On The Caleta bus station roundabout this morning? we have seen them there before, but this morning they had coned the road off for about 50 metres the Rosario side and the roundabout so you could not go around and back into Caleta, 2 cars in the bus station and another sat on the roundabout.
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Don't know but they were also on the coast road (Costa Antigua to Caleta)  and waved me through (with my EU GB plates on Big Grin Big Grin )  but stopped the Spanish reg car behind me.
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?They were not there long I Witnessed them looking into someone’s boot
I came back an hour or so later and went through the coastal road to avoid them
And what I thought would be a traffic jam I passed about 4/5 vehicles going towards Nuevo?
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Saw them when we were over at the same spot but assumed it was a “regular” thing, we went through unopposed anyway (always good) 🤣😂🤣😂
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