Hi , check the State of emergency thread and Repatriation from Fuerteventura, please.

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Aguas De Antigua - new office in Caleta de Fuste
Aguas de Antigua, the water company that covers the Antigua Municipality, has opened up an office in the Castillo Plaza in Caleta de Fuste.  It's next to the Just4 office.

It's open from 9am-1pm, Monday to Friday.
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Trafico Office in Puerto del Rosario
Can someone please point me in the direction of Trafico as I have an appointment to change my UK driving licence, I have looked on google maps but cannot pinpoint it.

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Print Shop near to National Police Office for NIEs
I'm taking a friend to the National Police Office for NIEs tomorrow morning. I understand that there is a Print Shop nearby that will complete the application form and copy all that needs copying (for a fee, of course).

Can anyone be a little bit more precise in the location of this nearby shop?


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Aguas Antigua office
I understand there is now a local office/shop in Caleta for Aguas Antigua.  Can someone please tell me where it is and the opening hours?
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A new Seguridad Social Office is planned in Puerto del Rosario
A new Social Security office is planned for Puerto del Rosario at a cost of 4 million euros.

It will be up on land near the Archives building off the top of Juan de Bethancourt.

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Foreign Office Open Letter
For Information an Open Letter from Dominic Raab Foreign Sectretary to those living in Spain - 

Brexit: Open letter from the Foreign Secretary to to all UK nationals here
IN UNDER than a month, the will of the British people will be delivered, and the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. This, of course, will be a time of transition.
But for those living in Spain, I want to assure you that, as Foreign Secretary, I am working to ensure that your rights and access to serv
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For Sale Office Chair 25€ ONO
For Sale Office Chair 25€ ONO in good order selling as it doesn't go high enough for a good sitting position for me.

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Caleta Post Office closed
Just been to the Caleta Post Office (I had a leaflet to collect something) - it is shut and there is a notice on the door - go to Antigua Post office, which I did and was able to collect the item there.