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blood donors fuerteventura

Blood Donors in Fuerteventura
copied from Janet Anscombe's site:

After yet another call from regional health authorities for blood donations, it is worth clarifying that many British donors cannot heed the call because Spain, due to fears about CJD, has rules forbidding anyone (British or not) to donate blood if they were in the UK for more than twelve months (consecutively or in total) between January 1980 and December 1996, the period in which meat was not controlled. These rules are also in place in other EU countries, so this is not a purely Spanish issue.
As the years pass, however, more and more people will be here who were not even born in 1996, and so British nationals can give blood provided they can show they were not in the UK between those dates. Anyone else, however, will sadly be unable to help. This information has been confirmed by the British Foreign Office and the emergency services here, who say:
Por normativa de la UE, no puede trasfundirse sangre de personas (británicos o no) que hayan estado más de 12 meses (consecutivos o en total) en Reino Unido entre 1980 y 1996, la etapa en la que la carne no estaba controlada.
[i]EU rules mean that no-one (British or not) can donate blood if they spent more than 12 months (consecutively or in total) in the UK between 1980 and 1996, the period in which meat was not controlled.[/i]

Tamara: the latest call for blood donors on Fuerte stated that they don't test for COVID as COVID not transmitted through blood. I had thought about donating as I had done for many years in the UK but came across the above on Janet's site during my browsing.
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