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oasis fuerteventura zoo park

Oasis Park - Zoo Fuerteventura
Species rescue and recovery centre, Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura has launched a #JuntosPorLiza crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to help defray part of the costs of cataract surgery for one of its sea lionesses, Liza.

The emergency intervention will be carried out in the coming weeks, fully funded by the Zoo, however, donations, to collaborate in it, may be made throughout the month of July.

Liza's operation does not depend on these aids, since the centre watches over the welfare of her animals as she has always done in her responsibility, and Liza must be operated immediately. However, at this time, in which the Zoo is closed to the public and does not receive funds, it needs everyone's help to advance its work of caring for and maintaining the thousands of animals that inhabit the centre.

Liza is over 20 years old, is one of the oldest animals in the centre. In January, she underwent an emergency surgery to regain vision in her left eye due to cataracts, and now she also needs a quick operation in her right eye to continue her daily life. These are very complex operations and are very risky for the life of the animal.

The cataracts not only complicate Liza's vision, but also cause her continuous severe pain that puts her well-being at risk. The opacity in her lenses, due to cataracts, and her displacement in the right eye, brushing against the cornea, causes this pain in addition to partial loss of vision. The lens is the lens, located behind the iris, that allows objects to focus correctly.

The intervention is very expensive, due to the type of operation it is and because it must be performed by experts in veterinary ophthalmology and medicine in marine mammals. The centre hopes to obtain funds, through these donations, to cover part of the operation, the cost of specialist doctors, medications, and the use of medical devices for their recovery.

Oasis Wildlife will have in this operation the veterinary doctor and director of Oftalmovet, Eduardo Huguet, whose centre is specialized in this type of intervention, and the specialist in marine mammal surgery, Geraldine Lacave.

Closed to the public and working for animals

"We are a private initiative, we do not depend on aid and we finance ourselves with the sale of tickets to our centre," said Guacimara Cabrera, manager of the Majorero Zoo. "We are currently closed, and due to the lack of income, for the first time, we have decided to launch this initiative of donations and ask for the collaboration of all. "

Due to the health crisis, Oasis Wildlife has been closed to the public since March, and works every day, with a team of about 50 people, to ensure the welfare of the animals of the centre, in their food, care, treatments , maintenance of facilities, etc.

"We hope to be able to return to the public in the near future, and bring nature closer to all the visitors and tourists who choose Fuerteventura as a destination this summer," added Cabrera.

Risk of anaesthesia

During the surgery carried out in January, the lens of the left eye was completely removed, since in sea lions it is not performed in the same way as in humans due to the hardness of this lens, so it was necessary to anaesthetize the animal .

Preparation prior to anaesthesia was essential for correct handling before, during and after the operation. External specialists, veterinarians from Oasis Wildlife and the team from the Sea Lions department held preliminary meetings to adjust all the details of the operation and the anaesthesia process.

For their part, the caretakers of the Oasis WildLIfe family of lions spent months training with positive reinforcement for Liza to facilitate the process of preparing the anaesthesia.

Clinical management, with the least possible stress for the animal, is very important in this operation to guarantee both the safety of Liza and also of the teams present in the intervention. Anaesthesia in sea lions poses a significant risk, accentuating more in the case of Liza due to her age.

Copy&Pasta from https://www.diariodefuerteventura.com/no...as-de-liza

Facebook link - https://www.facebook.com/OasisWildlifeFu...ideos_card

Fundraiser page - https://www.gofundme.com/f/juntosporliza

Cuenta Corriente la Caixa ES8821003778452200234264  

TLDR: If you can spend few euros/pounds, help to cover Liza's operation. If you can't afford to do that, share a link to this post to spread the word, someone else might be able to help. Or simply do both if you can.

Thank you ever so much!
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A very deserving cause. The Oasis Park is one of the key features on the island for holiday makers. My grandsons insist we visit every time they come on holiday with me.
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We agree. Made our donation direct, so they don't pay GoFundme fees.

They have given us some great entertainment on their Facebook page during lockdown.

Alicia the baby camel is amazing.
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Made our donation direct as well, to help Liza, as a thankyou from Iggy! 🦎
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Good news!  Oasis Park reopens on 1st Augusthttps://www.diariodefuerteventura.com/no...318HfF10VQ
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Great news! I'll be off to visit Iggy in August! 🦎 👍
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Sadly, Liza died a couple of days ago.

As from next week, Oasis Park will only be open from Wednesday to Sunday 9am-6pm.
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Until further notice, Oasis Park will only be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9am - 5pm.
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from Canarias7:

Oasis Wildlife gives Verdeaurora camels for ploughing samples

The recovery center has been working for more than 35 years in the protection of the native breed

The Zoo and center for the rescue and recovery of species Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura and the BioFarm Verdeaurora have signed a collaboration agreement to carry out, together, activities focused on showing the culture and traditions of Majorera around the Canarian camel.

Oasis Wildlife and the BioFarm Verdeaurora seek to favor tourist activity, so affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting the conservation of the cultural traditions of Fuerteventura. Oasis Wildlife will give specimens of Canarian camels to the Verdeaurora farm where samples of traditional ploughing will be held. With this initiative, both companies want to raise awareness about the importance of conserving this species, which has traditionally participated in agricultural work and is currently in danger of extinction.

Oasis has been working for more than 35 years in the protection of the majorero camel, as well as in raising awareness about the need to ensure its conservation. It has the largest reserve of this animal in Europe, and carries out important research projects, in collaboration with the EU, for its care and well-being, as well as for the production of milk from this animal with Canarian designation of origin. On his camel farm he has 400 specimens of this animal, which was recognized in 2010 as the only indigenous European breed of its species. There are only 1,200 specimens of this type of camel in the world.
The agreement between Oasis and Verdeaurora offers “an opportunity to learn about the importance of cattle in Majorera society. At the same time, the traditions of the field are recovered, with ploughing shows with this native breed.

Tamara: I believe the Verdeaurora Farm is on FV2, south of the turning for Pozo Negro. Aloe and Olives mainly, and holiday cottages.
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