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2021 islands canary volcanic activity

Volcanic activity in Canary Islands 2021
Latest update courtesy of Enrique.


Looks like something moving under the El Hierro... it's inflated.. (Enrique).
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Guayota Tenerife.

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Guayota La Palma.

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Ready for a seismic New Year!

Hope you don't mind Jand but I've started this new thread and moved the latest posts over.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021.
Living my dream
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Thanks Tamara for letting me know lets see what this year brings.

Happy New Year to everyone.
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A 3.2 mg Earthquake this morning North West of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

3.2 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS 2021/01/05 05:00:08 10 +info

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After the 3.2 Earthquake a swarm has started Tenerife.
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Latest update courtesy of Enrique.


''SYSMIC AND MICROSISMIC ACTIVITY IN THE CENTER OF TENERIFE, WITH 47 REGISTERED Events AND 10 LOCATED, CANARIAS, SPAIN.- 06/01/2021.-Today the most remarkable activity is focused under the phonolithic magmatic camera and its surroundings, so I highlight 3 earthquakes of magnitude between 1.2 and 14 to 18-21 km under the boiler of Ucanca.

es202 accordahysi 28.2297 05/01/2021 08:24:39-16.6899 21 km M 1.4 mbLg E ISORA GUIDE. ITF
es202 markedahwqh 28.2010 05/01/2021 07:21:41-16.6526 18 km M 1.2 mbLg NW CHASNA VILAFLOR. ITF
es202 28.2370 05/01/2021 07:00:39-16.6543 18 km M 1.4 mbLg N CHASNA VILAFLOR. ITF

And clear these efforts in depth and regionals, have also made us have several between 11 and 14 km deep with efforts these days with some earthquakes and small swarms.

es202 markedaisvq 28.2385 05/01/2021 18:34:40-16.6427 6 km M 0.7 mbLg N VILAFLOR OF CHASNA. ITF
es202 westaisvh 28.1656 05/01/2021 18:34:15-16.7607 17 km M 1.1 mbLg ISORA GUIDE. ITF
es202culadaaiqxo 28.2548 05/01/2021 17:36:16-16.6701 14 km M 1.3 mbLg NW CHASNA VILAFLOR. ITF
es202 espa ipaipaw 28.2469 05/01/2021 16:39:33-16.6163 6 km M 0.9 mbLg N CHASNA VILAFLOR. ITF
es202 foreahzra 28.2687 05/01/2021 08:53:27-16.8589 17 km M 1.6 mbLg SW SANTIAGO DE TEIDE. ITF
es202 markedahvbh 28.2374 05/01/2021 06:33:53-16.6712 12 km M 0.6 mbLg NW CHASNA VILAFLOR. ITF
es202 markedahupm 28.1881 05/01/2021 06:20:08-16.6579 10 km M 1.0 mbLg NW CHASNA VILAFLOR. ITF
es202\\ 28.2494 05/01/2021 06:19:16-16.6958 12 km M 1.0 mbLg NE ISORA GUIDE. ITF
es202 Embraceahssg 28.2468 05/01/2021 05:23:25-16.6859 13 km M 1.4 mbLg NE ISORA GUIDE. ITF
es202 Pleasedahssn 28.2547 05/01/2021 05:23:03-16.7395 16 km M 0.9 mbLg NE ISORA GUIDE. ITF

And IGN posted a note yesterday about this new activity on its news website:
′′ 05-01-2021 14:50 UTC. Microsismic activity inside Tenerife."
From 5:05 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. UTC today January 5, a seismic activity has been detected in 47 small earthquakes that have been possible to locate the 10 s. of greater magnitude, with epicenter inside the Ca añadas del Teide, southwest of Pico Viejo. Earthquake magnitudes are between 0,9 and 1,2 mbLg and their depths between 11 and 17 km.
The seismic activity of the past few hours is located in an area with numerous microsismic activity detected and located in recent months, poses no risk to the population and is within the parameters of normalcy in active volcanic areas, such as the island of Tenerife."


And most interesting of all this, some signs are long-term earthquakes or ′′ LPs ", and more specifically LP groups known as drum roll or drum roll, in English: ′′ Drumbeats ′′ which are a type of typical signals of the precursors of volcanic activity that we will see if they apply in this colossus that is the Teide. (e.g. past 7:00 h UTC and 7:21 h, 7:39 h and 8:24 h UTC approx).
By the way, these signs could indicate the movement of magma, under the magma chamber, with a very hot new magma contribution to it, and that we will notice and confirm with more seismicity in the coming days because by mixing the magmas and pressurizing the system is the next step we would have, I leave you a couple reviews or articles on the subject.
- Article on volcanic drum seismicity caused by vaiven movement and magmatic fusion.

- Article on drumbeats and their performance for Tungurahua volcano:

We'll see what happens... (Enrique)


Seismic signs:
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