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movistar refusing my cable neighbour internet fibreoptic let

Neighbour refusing to let movistar attach my cable
Neighbour refused to let internet installers access the "CTO" box to add my cable to the existing national infrastructure. The new cable will follow existing cables. There will be no new infrastructure or changes. Just plug it to the box that is there.  
The engineers (contractors) have told my ISP, the install is not possible because the neighbour refuses. Movistar have closed the case.
But I discover these laws allow my cable to access their property.

*Real Decreto Ley 1/1998 sobre infraestructuras en los edificios para el acceso a los servicios de telecomunicación.
*el artículo 29 de la Ley General de Telecomunicaciones.
*artículo 34.5 de la Ley 9/2014.

I have provided this information to movistar but they are no longer reading my messages.
What do I do next to continue? Who do I need to send the rules to get internet line installed?

Movistar install is free. They already drilled a hole with a JCB and put a pole in the ground for me.
So I need to get them to implement the rules rather than just brushing me off.
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Approach your neighbour and ask why?
Raise a complaint with Movie star
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I have.

She wants the CTO box removed from her land and wont let anyone go near it in the mean time. 

She wants to upset movistar enough to move it. But the only person being harmed right now is my family.

I have tried to complain via Movistar FB page. But I dont know of any other route to make complaint.
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Could you offer to mount the box on your property? This might help
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According to European law every citizen has a right to tv in their own language and at a reasonable cost, since your nieghbour is tramping on that right surely they can be taken to court, that much I can tell you
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