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hire payless car

Payless Car Hire
More recently have used Plus Car but I am seeing good offers in January from Payless. Have used them loads of times in the past, but not last couple of years. Anyone with recent experience?...are they still as good?...thanks
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I have used them lots over the last few years, always been excellent cars and service.
Got 2 weeks booked with them in December, so will update if any problems.
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We have used Payless many times over the past 8 - 10 years and always have had a good experience with then.

Booked a Fiat Panda for 10 days, October just gone, and was 'upgraded' to a Seat Ibiza.

My only minor gripe is that on occasions the fuel can be a bit low i.e. below 1/4 tank on pick-up, but that's perhaps more down to the previous customer squeezing the last kilometre out of the tank, as you take the car back with the same amount of fuel as on pick-up.
There are a number of fuel stations en route to El Cotillo, so has never presented a problem for us.

If I was not familiar with the location of petrol stations, this could be a concern for new visitors, especially if arriving late / in darkness. 

When in doubt, squirt a few €s worth in at the station by the aeropuerto exit.
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If I had to chose I would go with PlusCar. Payless is usually slightly cheaper but the queues at their kiosk are quite long, especially on Saturdays. The last time we had a booking with them ended up walking to CiCar and took a car with them.
PlusCar offices are less than 5 minutes from the airport so if there's more than 5 customers they usually call another person to serve them faster.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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