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fuerte sms social scam now security

Social Security SMS Scam in Fuerte Now!
Received SMS indicating appointment I had to attend at INNS. I had not made or requested an appointment and was concerned what was the reason!

Knowing many members are concerned at this time re related Social Security/INNS issues before Brexit, got in touch with local INNS   Very helpful reply[Ask for English speaker if needed] and they had no appointment scheduled or reason to do so! 

Further [Google] investigations showed that this was a scam to elicit a response to the number.

Quote   "′′ From the General Secretariat of the I.N.S.S.S. I am transmitted that in the Rioja Provincial Directorate they have detected that some citizens are receiving a message via SMS, whose provenance indicates ′′ secsocial ", and invites them to call the number: 734762425.

Those SMS are not sent by Social Security.Recommend to report the facts to the National Police, and we will bring it to the attention of the Social Security Investigation Service .

So be aware, ignore, unless you want to check with INSS if you are expecting a reason to visit INSS.
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